happy tuesday!

obtsteady91 asked:
What's your favorite type of porn

Passionate, intense and very erotic, with lots of teasing and oral. I love seeing that they’re into each other, even though they might be acting but seeing them actually looking like a real couple is what turns me on. I tend to go to Female friendly category on PH a lot, find some of the best videos there.

closed, open. have a nice wednesday muaah xx

 happy tuesday!

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this gif oh old but love it

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bad lighting. getting dressed at work

good evening . how are you doing?

qhea asked:
Hi, did you ever stumble upon a guy that did not like to lick your juices? I would, you are very beautiful....

Hey! I had someone who didnt like to eat pussy… and never ate mine. what a shame right? But other than that, they all loved.

And thank you!

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