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had this draft here for awhile and forgot this photos! well why not post them


after shower


love going through my bush

after shower


i know you guys missed my ass :P

saw a person asking if i bleached my kitty, no i didn’t lol. thats how it looks on a good lighting.


gcodegfb asked:
Dope video but I didn't hear you moan not once

thank you! you must have had your computer with no sound cause everybody heard it lol

tex30 asked:
Hey I love your vids, but what does your face look like. Lol

lol im pretty. believe or not

thekreativetruth asked:
Your blog is everything!

thank youu!!

qkvllzx asked:
What you doing on Kik? just hanging out?

yes just chatting a bit

9,409 plays


kik me kesha.33

kik time again guys!

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